TOY REVIEW: Web-Shooting Spiderman

While the Web-Shooting Spider-Man will probably appeal to a wide range of ages, there are those that will consider it the coolest thing out there while others will probably get bored quickly. For the Spiderman collector, this figure is a must. It is loaded with detail, including the Spiderman logo on the back and the front. The gold in the eyes just adds to the awesome look. But in terms of what it actually does, it can end up being a very boring toy to play with.

The figure requires 4-AAA batteries. The only thing it comes with is a cutout of the Lizard … literally a cardboard cutout, with office buildings around it, to be set up and used as a target. The figure can shoot from both the left and right hand (one at a time) and the idea is to blast the Lizard. The arms rotate all the way around and there is some leg movement. As the “web” shoots out of the palm of the hand, the figure’s head turns in that direction.

On the back is an on and off button and the “web” slinging buttons. The “web” is made up of a type of material that looks like a shoelace. It has a small metal plate at the end, about 1/4 inch in diameter, which sometimes gets caught on the figure’s open fingers when that piece of web is retracted. When the left web-slinging button is pressed, the line shoots out from the left palm which retracting on the right side. Conversely, when the right hand button is pressed, the line shoots out from the right hand and retracts on the left. The end result is a figure that is played with by pressing one of the buttons and watching the line shoot out and the head turn towards that side. Then you press the other button and watch the same thing happen on the other side.

With a list price of $37.99, it can be a great collector’s item to buy and display on a shelf. However, if your pre-teen wants one, think twice about spending the money. The toy doesn’t do anything except shoot “web.” It doesn’t talk and it doesn’t have any lights that flash. There is no interactivity at all. Unless your child has a passion for building his or her web-slinging skill to take out the Lizard target, this toy will probably spend a lot of time in the toy box.