TOY REVIEW: Twister Dance


Twister Dance is a great new toy by Hasbro that gets kids (and adults) rockin’ and rollin’. You play by setting up the Twister Dance console, place the included Twister colored dots on the floor and then start the music. The console lights up with different multi-colored LED lights to show the players which spot they need to place their feet on.  Players can show off their individual style with their own unique hand and arm movements.

The dance console comes with five songs including an exclusive for Twister Dance called “Caught Up in a Twister,” and can be set at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Additionally, it can be connected to any mp3 player so the dancers can work it out to any tune. The console has a built-in system that detects the different beats and will turn any song into its own dance routine, allowing players to rock on the spots to different songs.

Trying to watch the Twister Dance console and match up your left and right feet with the color being shown can result in a lot of fun and laughter. Actually, that is the hardest part … getting your brain to register the color and, at the same time, figure out which foot you should be using. The idea is that at the end of the round you try and determine who did the best job but, in truth, that doesn’t really matter. Just trying to dance to the music provides loads of laughter and fun.

This is a great item to bring to any type of party, whether it is your child’s sleepover or the way to break the ice at an adult get together. (Just don’t forget the video camera to record the movements and fun.) It is meant for ages 8 and up but there is no reason a younger child can’t try it out. In the box are 8 colored dots (four for each player), a music player connector cord, instructions, and the required 4 AA batteries. With a list price of $34.99, this might be one of the most fun ways to spend time with your children.