TOY REVIEW: Minnie Mouse Precious Pets Tour Van

Moms will find that the Minnie Mouse Precious Pets Tour Van is a great toy for any little girl who is a big Minnie Mouse fan. The $29.99 toy includes a Minnie Mouse figure that bends at the waist, Figaro, a baby Pluto, and a puppy.

The van opens and inside is a whole playground full of accessories. There is a blue slide attached to one door, a hopscotch diagram on the inside of the van back door and a yellow swing attached to the other side door. Additional playground features are a seesaw, a sandbox and a merry-go-round. Everything fits inside the van, including Minnie in the driver’s seat. These playground additions, along with the included characters, will provide hours of fun and play for any little girl.

The overall product dimensions are (in inches) 15.1 x 11.0 x 5.4 which makes it a perfect size for little hands. With all pieces storable in the van, the toy is easy to pack up to store or for your little girl to take with her. The individual pieces are beautifully detailed, even to the point of the van having a purple bow similar to Minnie’s hair bow. With the major colors being pink and lilac, it is definitely geared towards the little girl in your family.