Craft Ideas to Reuse Christmas Wrapping Paper

Reuse Christmas Wrapping Paper

Opening Christmas gifts are the most fun that early morning when everyone is surprise at what they received. However, once the gifts are opened, you finally see the chaotic colors of wrapping paper that have been dispersed everywhere. I’m sure you may do what most people would, gather it all up and toss it in the garbage bin. Although if you are wanting to be more green friendly this year, you can actually reuse that wrapping paper and make some neat crafts.

7 Craft Ideas to Reuse Christmas Wrapping Paper

Decorate Kitchen Drawers – If you have colorful wrapping paper that isn’t too badly folded or torn, you can cut away the blemish parts of the paper and use the best parts to cover the inside bottoms of your kitchen drawers. It will be a festive time all year round.

Shred It – The smaller pieces of wrapping paper and those that have been crumbled, just place them in your shredder and shred away. These can be used in gift bags or boxes for gifts that are a little fragile and need more cushion.

Electrical Cord Organizer – Are there going to be extra electrical cords left over after unplugging the Christmas lights to store away? The empty wrapping paper rolls will come in handy, as you can place the cords inside them and label the rolls to identify what the cords are used for. You can also used them around the house throughout the year.

3-D Wall Artwork – Save the wrapping paper rolls to crate a picture frame filled with color art. Make your wall pop by creating your own Orla Kiely Inspired cardboard roll artwork.

Stationary – Use Christmas wrapping paper as colorful envelopes large or small. These would be a little more personal because you can make them to fit the person’s personality.

Scrapbooking Material – This would be a great way to make memories in your family scrapbook for Christmas. Make different shapes and designs with the wrapping paper, along with adding pictures of the day.

Create Festive Storage – Use the larger size wrapping paper to cover shoe boxes and make storage boxes. This is a great way to store Christmas ornaments and other holiday items.

How do you Reuse Christmas Wrapping Paper?

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