Two Easy Ways To Wake Up The Romance In Your Relationship


When the honeymoon phase is over, your relationship has developed into something deeper, more intimate and offers more information that you ever wanted to know about someone else. While you’ve shared your deepest secrets, you have also shared the flu. Where you have made it through the hardest times, you have also had to use the same bathroom after a stomach upset. While you can’t imagine your life without this person, you don’t mind imagining what it would be like being deserted on a desert island with Channing Tatum. Your romance isn’t dead but after a few years it may feel like its hibernating. We’ve got some relationship advice on how to wake up your love with some old fashioned romance!

Dress Up

Surprise them by showing them everything you’ve got! No, we don’t mean surprise them by being naked when they get home (or maybe do surprise them naked… whatever works.) What we really mean is dress up a little. Make that extra effort to get up a little earlier, take a long shower, use the fancy shampoo and get your legs baby smooth. Wear that new dress you bought or don an old favorite of theirs.

Brush your hair, put on mascara and spray yourself with a little perfume. You don’t have to go all out, just show them your best, cleanest, most genuine self. As soon as they see you, it’ll be like flashing back to when you were first dating. Who knows, maybe it’ll inspire them to dress up a little, too. As soon as you both feel like you look good, you’ll actually begin to start feeling good and more inclined to treat one another romantically.

Go On a Date

Lately going out to dinner means you forgot to go to the grocery store. Dinning out is no longer a romantic venture, it is simply a matter of survival. That means when you suggest going out, your partner may not think “oh, we’re going on a date.” They are probably thinking, “I think I’ll get a burger tonight…” When you want to go on a date, make sure you let them know it’s a DATE! You have chosen a date, you have chosen a time and you have chosen a location.

Once you have set these standards they should know it’s time to put on some clean socks and open the car door for you. (If not, sometimes a gentile reminder is in order.) Splurge a little and get that bottle of wine. Order the steak and bring up all the most romantic things you have done. If none immediately come to mind, perhaps it is time to get out and make some new romantic memories. Going out dancing, jumping in the car for a spontaneous vacation or simply spending one night away from Netflix should do it.

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Do you have  any relationship advice for turning up the heat?