How to Regain Your True Identity without Compromising the Title of Mom

How to Regain Your True Identity without Compromising the Title of Mom

Making the transition into motherhood brings many joys, challenges and, most of all, changes.  The weird things that happen to our bodies notwithstanding, our schedules, priorities, interests and overall activities morph into things that we never would have given a second thought to prior to our little bundles of joys entering our lives.  At some point, though, we realize that we sometimes have been so consumed with the needs of others that we’ve neglected our own needs.  It’s important to never lose or, if that point is passed, regain our own identity for the sake of our own sanity, as well as to remain true to who we are for others.

It’s been mentioned before that our physical appearance is often put on the back burner while we care for our children, but it’s worth bringing up again.  Whether you prefer having a short and easy haircut, beautiful dreads or a more polished look, do what you need to do to bring you happiness. Comfort and easy of movement is the usual driving force in wardrobe selection, but sweats can be swapped for cute yoga pants or tennis-style skorts for summer, adding a little sass to your security of modesty and lifestyle.  Something as small as having your hair in a style that is all about you is a step in the direction of positive self-care.

The most important part of remaining true to yourself is continuing what drives your interests.  What were your hobbies and your heart’s desire before children?  More than likely, you are still able to continue to pursue those interests after giving birth, and perhaps even meld your interests with your children.  If you have a love of yarn crafts, find the time to continue your hobby while making pieces for your family and friends.  If your love is for reading, it’s never too soon to turn your children onto the love of books of various subjects and depth.  If you are a foodie, find a way to make dinner every night that is an exploration of different cultures and flavors.  You could even combine your foodie and book addictions by writing your own cookbook that incorporates tasty meals that you make with your children.  The options are truly endless, and all you have to do is look at what you love, what drives you personally and let your creative juices start flowing!

If you’re not sure what interests you now outside of laundry and a clean home, look into taking some online classes or reading a book on some subjects that have intrigued you.  Go on your own personal journey of discovery to find something that excites your heart and senses.  You need and deserve your own personal time to continue to grow as an individual, so don’t deny that gift to yourself.

You know the old saying, “When momma ain’t happy, no one is happy”, so make yourself happy!  Once you step back into who you truly are in your heart and embrace once again the things that occupied your creative side, finding ways to include your family in the same joys can be found.  Even if it’s something that you do all on your own, it still fuels your soul and brings joy to your own life, and that overflows into the lives of others around you as you have more love to give to them.  Joy is infectious.  Make joy your closest friend again, and others will catch the bug!

What other ways can you regain your identity and stay true to yourself?