Do You Have Recalled Baby Products? How To Know And What To Do

Recalled Baby Products

Every year there are a number of baby products that have failed to meet the national standard safety measure to keep a baby safe. This can range anywhere from a car seat, a high chair, even down to baby food and medicines. When a baby product has become recalled, you may here it on the news, read it in a newspaper or in a parenting magazine.

When it comes to baby’s safety parents will look to have safety measures in place, yet when it comes to products, they may need a little help in knowing which products are really safe and which should be replaced immediately.

Where can you find recall lists for baby products?

One way to make sure that the baby product you buy isn’t on the recall list is to visit the Consumer Product Safety Commission website. This website will give you access to searching the baby products that you already have at home or are thinking of purchasing. You would use CPSC for most baby products, however, they do not have jurisdiction over cosmetics or car seats.

Where do you look for car seat recalls?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website will have a recall list of car seats from 1990 to the present. You will be able to search for the manufacturer of the car seat as well as see an expiration date of the seat.

What about baby food, wipes, medicines and other baby products in this area?

Baby food, wipes, medicines, lotions, etc would be handled by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Two other websites that you can research these products would be the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) or the

What do you do with the recalled baby products?

When a recall is on a baby product, the company will give consumers the information on what they need to do with the recalled item. Usually the company will allow the product to be brought back to the store that it was purchased from and the consumer may receive a refund. Another solution is sending away for a replacement part or the defective item can be exchanged for a new one.

How do you report an unsafe baby product?

The best way to report an unsafe baby product that you may find is by contacting through one of the websites above that fits the item that you have in hand or to the company of the product itself. The websites will further give you information on how to handle your complaint further.

Have you had a baby product that was on the recall list?