Happy Reasonable Mother’s Day: Real Gifts You Can Expect From Your Kids

mothers day 2013 easy gifts for children

With Mother’s Day quickly approaching, there’s pressure on kids to find the perfect gift. It’s the one time of year where children show their appreciation and gratitude for everything their mom does for them. Of course, money is a serious issue. Thankfully, there are some gift ideas mothers can give to their kids that still show their love but won’t be out of budget.

For example, nothing warms a mother’s heart more than a simple “I love you”. Mothers work hard all year long and they just want to know that their kids appreciate all that they do–and Mother’s Day gives the kids a creative chance to write out those words as a gift. Suggest that your children show you their love rather than buy fancy gifts to express it.  Some ideas include hugs, a sweet note on the refrigerator, or even a personalized e-card.

Moms can also suggest the old coupon trick. Have your children make up coupons to redeem for everything from cleaning their room to making dinner. Maybe you’ll get lucky and your kids will give you a blank coupon so that you can think up your own IOU. All a present like this requires is some construction paper for the cover and back, a hole punch, ribbon or stapler to hold the pages together, and a whole lot of creativity. Just actually use them all shortly afterwards. A task or favor hanging over your child’s head can take the fun out of that idea pretty quickly.

Arts and crafts are perfect for this holiday. Children can make cards or poems. When it comes to Mother’s Day, simple is always better. Anyone can buy a gift, but creating one shows that there was effort put into it. Leave it up to your children to make humorous or sentimental cards. Either way, it will come from the heart. Also for younger kids, have them put together photo frames or handprint canvases. If they need assistance, some adult can always step in to help.

For older children, use Mother’s Day as a way for them to step up their performance in school. Instead of buying you a gift, see if they can get their grades up. Have them pledge that they’ll complete all their homework due that week and study extra hard for their science test coming up. Explain how much their success in school makes you happy. With gifts like this, you’ll both come away winners.

Above all, take advantage of the fact that your kids want to do something for you. Have your children agree to get along with each other for the day. When kids are younger, it’s common for them to fight with their siblings over petty things like toys or who’s hogging the bathroom. Kids grow out of that as they get older but for now, suggest that you want peace and happiness in the family for Mother’s Day. Children will have no choice but to listen. It is your holiday after all.

With gift suggestions like this, children won’t feel pressured to buy the latest and greatest for you. Instead, they’ll use their actions to show just how much they truly love and appreciate you. Mothers are satisfied as long as the intentions are good.  All they want on their holiday is consideration, effort, and thoughtfulness.  By filling your kids in on what you want for the holiday, they won’t have to stress about shopping and you’ll end up with exactly what you want.