Rear-Facing Car Seats Now Recommended Until Age 2

Rear-Facing Car Seats

As the safety concerns are growing in literally all parenting spheres, the problem of children’s security in cars is no exception. One of the latest updates in AAP’s policies includes recommendation to increase the minimal age of children to be allowed to leave the rear-facing car seats up to 2 years. Of course anyone would agree that there could not be too many precautions when it comes to kids. Still some people are not happy about the new stricter rules.

Rear-Facing Keeps Children Disconnected

There are children who behave well in a car, but many kids are too energetic by the time they go past 1.5 years. They can easily get bored when they cannot make an eye contact with a parent who is driving and do not see the things ahead of the car. Evidently, a storm of shouts and tears follows. Not everyone can remain calm long enough. Besides, this can be a strong distracting factor for a driver. As an anonymous user commented on this topic, ‘My front facing 13 month old is safer this way because his mummy’s eyes are on the road with two hands on the wheel because he is happy’.

Too big to Rear-face

Another problem is the size diversity. Some children can become too big for their rear-facing seats before reaching 2. There are plenty forum users complaining that their kids are uncomfortable with their rear-faced seats and that more advanced seats are less affordable. Another problem is that bigger-sized rear-faced seats often require children to have their legs crossed while sitting. There are parents who think it is bad for their children’s knees to stay long in such position, so they do not approve the new rule as well. Of course, this problem could be solved if the car would be big enough; but again, many people complain that they cannot afford an appropriate model.

Of course the safety of the children in cars is a matter of highest priority. Yet not every parent is happy with this restriction which clearly tends to become stricter year by year. Additionally, some people point that this does not help much if a car gets rear-ended.

Personally, I call Bull on these parents’ concerns! All of my children remained rear-facing well into toddlerhood. What about your children?