Reading Roundup: World Lizard Day!

Ah, World Lizard Day. How could we forget? Of course August 14 is World Lizard Day. Of course it is. So, what’s the proper way to celebrate? We can’t exactly throw up a lizard-themed recipe–well, we could, but we’re not sure it would go over too well–so what’s there to do? And then it came to us: a reading roundup. After all, kids do love lizards. They’re squirmy and colorful, and, quite frankly, fascinating. Use World Lizard Day as an excuse for your kids to learn even more about the reptilian creatures!

little skink's tail
Little Skink’s Tail, by Janet Halfmann 

Despite beginning in a rather frightening manner — Little Skink is attacked by a crow and loses her tail — Little Skink’s Tail turns into a wonderful journey as young readers follow and laugh along with the tiny victim as she tries on the different tails of animals throughout the forest. This book includes a mix-and- match tail activity and encourages children to be comfortable with who they are. [For ages 6 and up.]


all about lizards

All About Lizards, by Jim Arnosky

We take a moment to appeal to the nonfiction-loving children among us: If your little one is fascinated by lizards and wants to learn more, then you’ve found the solution. With bright, colorful pictures and easy-to-read text, All About Lizards answers any questions your kid might have. This entertaining book is a great introduction into the world of lizards and will quickly become a favorite of your young lizard whisperer. [For ages 4 to 8.]

snakes salamanders and lizards

Snakes, Salamanders & Lizards (Take Along Guides), by Diane Burns

Snakes, Salamanders and Lizards is an introductory look into the world of all things reptilian. This book teaches information in a fun way and provides great education activities for your kids. It invites young naturalists to seek out wildlife and embrace it by providing safety tips, and interesting adventure suggestions. And, of course, the vivid color photos give children a close-up look at all these amazing creatures. [For ages 7 to 10.]

 ananse and the lizard

Ananse and the Lizard: A West African Tale, by Pat Cummings

Ananse  — a mischievous spider who likes to play tricks on others — is actually one of the most popular characters in West African folklore. In this tale, we watch Ananse and Lizard fight over the same girl: The Chief has claimed that whoever can guess his daughter’s name will receive her hand in marriage and inherit half his wishes. Naturally, the spider and the lizard are in it to win it. A highly entertaining read, Ananse and the Lizard  is definitely a kid-pleaser. [For ages 4 to 8.]