READING ROUNDUP! Getting Ready for Babysitters Day!

This coming Sunday is Mother’s Day, but the Saturday before that very important day celebrates a Mom’s best friend. Yes, it’s National Babysitters Day–being observed on May 11th this year. It’s strange to see a child grow old enough to be a babysitter, but you also want your kids to have real babysitter skills–especially if they have siblings. And you need a babysitter who’s part of the family. Which is very convenient–so check out these book selections aimed at equipping children with enough information to make them successful and confident babysitters…  [photo via the very useful]

First Aid and Safety for Babies and Children

First Aid and Safety for Babies and Children, by American Red Cross

There’s nothing more important in being a responsible babysitter than knowing how to deal with emergencies with regards to babies and smaller children.  The American Red Cross has provided this highly informational guide specifically geared to caring for them–which also comes with a DVD, enhancing the information read in the book.

Babysitter's Business Kit i

Babysitter’s Business Kit, by Harriet Brown and Jodi Preston

 This book (and complete kit) gives your child all the tools required to get their new venture up and running. That includes tips on how to approach parents in a professional manner, along with a client address book, and even business cards. All of this is from the well-loved American Girl Library series, which is a favorite of many children and parents.

 A Smart Girl's Guide to Money

 A Smart Girl’s Guide to Money, by Nancy Holyoke

Once a babysitter begins to make money, they might need some advice on how to manage their new-found wealth.  This is another smart and informative selection from the American Girl Library.  While the topics in the book cover other areas, such as additional ideas on money-making opportunities for children, it gives a solid foundation on responsible spending habits and saving money.

The Complete Book of Activities, Games, Stories, Props, Recipes, and Dances For Young Children

The Complete Book of Activities, Games, Stories, Props, Recipes, and Dances: For Young Children
by Pam Schiller and Jackie Silberg

Sometimes, it’s just not enough to have a practical knowledge of how to babysit. Enthusiasm will only go so far, too. This book selection offers up an incredible amount of fun activities that anyone can do with young children. This also means the babysitter has a fun time, and increases the chances that the children they’re watching will beg their parents to let them come back. There’s no better testimony of a job well done than that of a child’s endorsement.