Reading Roundup: Dora the Explorer Classics!

We admit that we’re having a lot of fun with the new It’s pretty fun and educational for a free corporate website.  There’s a spooky forest, a farm game, some pirate action, and a pet shop. The only thing that really bothers us about the site is that random “X.” That’s kind of creepy, but we know it’s a marketing thing. That’s why there’s also now a

But when it really comes down to Dora action–as with any multimedia creation–we’re always going to be the most indulgent towards the books. Our children know that. We’re likely to give a resounding “no” to just about anything except books. That’s where we’re really likely to  let loose the purse strings. We don’t mind them knowing that, either. So as our children play more free Dora games, we’re looking back at the bookshelf at our own favorite inspirational epics that feature the amazing explorer gal…

Dora's Big Book of Stories

Dora’s Big Book of Stories

There are actually only seven stories in this big and colorful book, and the illustrations pad out a lot of pages–but kids love that kind of thing. You also get a Spanish Word Guide. That’s especially helpful to those of us who didn’t pay enough attention during Spanish class back in 10th Grade. This is actually a collection of previously-published books, too: Dora’s Book of MannersDora Goes to School,
Dora’s Fairy-Tale Adventure, Dora’s Chilly DayDora’s Pirate AdventureBig Sister Dora!, and Show Me Your Smile (that’s a trip-to-the-dentist book that we’ll discuss later).

Dora the Explorer Say Boo!

Dora the Explorer: Say Boo!

You should already be thinking about Halloween books, and this sturdy pop-up adventure has plenty of poppin’ fine moments–plus a really good pop-up joke at the end. It’s interactive, too, as kids help Dora guess which of her pals is hiding behind different costumes.

Dora Goes to the Doctor

This book puts Dora to work as a fine guide to helping your child feel more comfortable about a visit to the doctor. She’s chatty and upbeat through the whole thing, but never dismissive of a child’s concerns. Dora is just as good with a visit to the dentist in Show Me Your Smile–which is also included in that Dora’s Big Book of Stories collection referenced above.

Potty Time with Big Sister Dora

Dora the Explorer Sound Book: Potty Time with Big Sister Dora, by Kathy Broderick

There are a few Dora the Explorer Sound Books–but this one is a real favorite. We don’t think it does a single thing in assisting children to learn how to use the potty. Never mind that the entire book is about Dora trying to teach her younger siblings about toilet time. This isn’t the book that’ll train your kids. It is, however, a book that’ll crack them up while teaching them a few potty-time basics. Let us know if you ever find a toilet-roll holder that sounds like the one in this book.

It's Sharing Day!

It’s Sharing Day! by Kirsten Larsen

We really like Dora’s Book of Manners–which is also part of the Dora’s Big Book of Stories referenced above. It’s Sharing Day! is another great classical work on basic manners, and written in a fun manner that’ll really hold a child’s attention. And-unlike the Potty Time book–this one really seems to get the children doing the right thing.