The Powerpuff Girls Are Back! (But They’re A Little Different)

You didn’t have to be a child to watch The Powerpuff Girls when it premiered on the Cartoon Network back in 1998. Some of us were old enough to be in college back then (gulp), and hip enough to embrace these scrappy gals as feminist icons. Maybe a few of us were geeky enough to be high-school anime fans thrilled to see cute cartoon gals kicking plenty of butt on American television. We’ll certainly admit that we were really disappointed when the poster below creeped out onto the internet late last year, and was initially dismissed as mere fan art:

powerpuff girls teaser poster

Actually, we’re still not sure if that was fan art. But it was sure a prophecy, since the Cartoon Network has announced the return of the Powerpuff Girls with their own upcoming television special. (The important news–including a guest turn by Ringo Starr–is buried in this press release.) We’re looking forward to sharing a brand-new Powerpuff Girls show with our children, even if the Powerpuff Girls have a different look now…

new powerpuff girls design

It seems some purists are pretty upset over the new design–and, yes, we all know that our own childhoods are sacred things that should never be tampered with. We’re still happy just to see Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup back in action. As for our original Powerpuff Girls–well, nobody’s destroyed all the old episodes…