The Power of Laughter

Couple Laughing - power of laughter

The average day of any adult is pretty redundant.  Wake up, get dressed, drive to work, trudge through eight hours of the grind, drive back home, find something to eat, attempt to watch some entertaining television, go to sleep then rinse and repeat.  Being in a relationship is exciting at first, but the previously mentioned routine can dry things out in a hurry.  There is one dose of medicine to inject into every day to alleviate that drudgery:  The power of laughter!

Laughing does more than just exercise the facial muscles, and sometimes the stomach muscles if the laughter is hearty enough.  It immediately takes away some of the stress the day may bring.  It lightens any mood and may even lead to discovering a new way of handling a nagging problem.

Trying to not bring home the stress of the workday is a real challenge for many couples.  This is where you have to find things to bring laughter into your lives and home.  Even little gags to pull on each other will brighten the day for you both.  Anything, regardless of how low brow it may appear, is worth trying in order to obtain that string of laughter.

Do you want to bring a bit of levity to talk of your day over dinner?  Try having each of you put in some gag teeth and attempting to get through five minutes with a straight face.  Do both of you like to cook?  In the spirit of the Olympics, make dinner preparation a relay race where you have to tag each other in for two minute periods to cook in the kitchen while the other stays outside the room to cheer you on.  Special equipment, like bullhorns, cheerleading outfits and pompoms are completely optional.

Since sexy texts at work run the risk of causing problems, funny texts are pretty safe.  Send a picture of you making a funny face, or a strange happening at work to bring a giggle and smile to your partner’s face.  It may start a nice back-and-forth between the two of you on a regular basis to make every work day a little easier to muddle through.

No matter what you do, just make sure it’s something that you both will enjoy and find the humor in together.  Avoid making a joke at your partner’s expense, unless he’s completely game for that.  Keeping things fresh and fun is the goal, so go stock up on some Silly String and have some laughs!

Photo credit: Thinkstock