4-Step Guide To Painless Potty Training

Christy Glass from the Glass Posse is back to share her experiences with potty training her three daughters. She shares a few tips and tricks on how she has been able to make potty training a nearly painless experience.

Believe it or not, Christy suggest that winter is the best time to start potty training because everyone is cooped up indoors and need some sort of activity to keep them occupied. Before you get started, make sure your toddler is ready for potty training. They should be showing signs of interest by displaying behaviors related to the bathroom or asking questions.

Christy suggests making a quick switch from diapers to underwear. This makes your toddler more aware of what is coming out of them. Since there will be a few happy accidents, be sure to put away any expensive rugs, carpets or other items that may get damage. You can also place waterproof pads in places where accidents may happen more often such as mattresses, dining room chairs and your childs car seat.

To keep your child interested in this process, Christy mentions to make your bathroom fun. Place bowls will salty treats and plenty of drinks for your child to explore. With all the snacking and drinking, it’s only a matter of time before your child has to go to the bathroom.

You can expect accidents to happen during this process. She suggests having your child be a part of the cleanup process. This makes them realize that going to the bathroom other than on the potty can be a messy experience. So the next time they feel the urge, they’ll run to the potty and do it the right way!

Do you have any potty training tips?