The Most Popular Baby Names And What They Mean

One honor that we have when bringing a child into the world is giving them a proper name. I found it to be fun to find names that fit my baby’s character and bright future, and so did my husband. I discovered that he had already thought of baby names for his children long before he met me, but when he told me what they were I knew that our child was lucky that I was about to save him from a life of ridicule.

If you’re trying to decide on a baby name, check out this list of popular baby names from the Social Security Administration. It may help you pick a classic or stray away from the crowd.


We all know how biblical this name is and it means rest or wandering.


There are a lot of popular Emmas in the world and it means universal.


I think of Liam Neeson when I hear this name, and he is always protecting and defending people in his movies. Short for William, it means resolute protection.


This is a strong elegant name meaning olive tree.


It is used for both boys and girls and it means worker in stone.


I just love this name. It is Greek meaning wisdom.


Also biblical in nature, Jacob means supplanter.


This name has a Spanish and Italian-feel meaning pledged to God.


A classic English or German  name meaning resolute protection.


This name is Latin meaning life, and it is highly used by celebrities for their children.


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Do you love any of these popular baby names?