How to Plan a Romantic Picnic

romantic picnic

With autumn approaching, cooler weather often brings out the romantic in us all. This is the perfect time to plan a romantic picnic with your loved one. If you are struggling to come up with some ideas on just how to do this, I have a few suggestions that may help you along.

Keep It Light

Don’t load up the food selections with heavy foods, both in weight and calories. Nothing kills the mood faster than struggling to hoist your picnic basket, since those aren’t the kind of grunts you’re looking to achieve. Just stick with things like fruits, vegetables and perhaps a few dips, like hummus and pita chips. Little finger foods work great for things like this, or mini sandwiches or even food wraps. Don’t forget to keep it easy to clean up, too.

Make It Fun

A good sense of fun can be very romantic. Bring along some old school bubbles along to watch the colors in them, or just hearken back to more youthful adventures. You may even want to bring a game to play together, like Yahtzee or something that is easily contained and portable. It’s about spending time together, so find something that the two of you enjoy doing together that brings smiles to your faces.

Forego the Candles

Yes, I feel it necessary to mention this. If you’re doing a twilight or evening picnic, please, for the safety of yourself, others and the environment around you, leave the candles at home. You can, however, achieve the same ambiance by using flameless candles (just don’t forget to put batteries in them before leaving home). There are so many available on the market now that come in various sizes and colors, so do a little shopping around for the perfect selection.

Get a Little Daring

If you’re using the picnic to jazz up your relationship, get a little daring with the foods and activities that you have planned. While you are in public, there are some limitations, but there’s nothing wrong with a little teasing. Along with your choice of fruits, such as grapes, for example, have a little fruit dip or whipped cream in the mix to dip seductively into it while you lick it oh-so suggestively in front of your lover. Better yet, dip it and feed it to him! It may be a great time to bring out that really hot sundress you’ve been waiting to wear, too! If your goal is to add some sizzle for later, build up the anticipation, but be prepared to have your picnic end a little sooner than initially expected.

Will you be planning a romantic picnic this season?

Photo Credit: istockphoto