Pattie Mallette Is Justin Bieber’s Mom, and It’s Not Easy [VIDEO]

We usually wouldn’t worry too much about Justin Bieber’s mother. Whatever she’s having to go through can probably be fixed with her son buying her a new mansion in Palm Beach. But we’re still pretty impressed by Pattie Mallette in this video interview, as she sounds like any mother worrying about her son turning 18 and making mistakes and hanging out with bad influences. Never mind that Justin’s bad influences are part of a multi-million dollar empire.

Pattie certainly sounds more sincere here than when promoting her book Nowhere But Up last year. That one was subtitled The Story of Justin Bieber’s Mom. This interview, however, sounds a lot more like a woman having to cope with having Justin Bieber as a son. It can’t be too fabulous to turn on your television and wonder if you’re going to see some footage of your kid doing…well, something. Smoking a joint, or busting a move, or whatever Justin Bieber does. It sounds like what Justin Bieber’s mom does is worry all the time, and we can relate to that. The only thing that confuses us now is–well, Justin’s Canadian, right? Why does his mother sound like she’s from the American South?