Super Girl Party Away From The Super Bowl!

super bowl party for girls

Do you have pre-teen daughters that really don’t care about who’s playing in the big game on Sunday? Do they love to celebrate and be festive, but can’t even be bribed to watch football?  You can make their day special without much preparation. Welcome to Super Girl Sunday, the fun alternative to Super Bowl Sunday!  [image via] 

First, make sure the big Super Bowl party is happening somewhere else!  You want to have your Super Girl Party without interruptions. Do have the super-bowlers leave early so you can decorate!  This can be made very simple by using a pink tablecloth for your coffee table and a purple tablecloth for your kitchen table. You can also go all out by blowing up pink and purple balloons and hanging them up with crepe paper all over the place. Your girls will love helping you make things pretty before their friends come over.

Yes, have some close friends over–with their moms! They are all likely trying to find something fun to do that isn’t football related.You can even have them wear their girly pajamas and bring a pillow.  Don’t forget to put on music that everyone will love during arrivals. Next, be sure there are yummy and healthy snacks on your coffee table for everyone to share.  Hummus and vegetables would be a hit, so would tortilla chips and salsa.  Your girls would also have fun helping you make Super Girl Snack Mix with nuts, pretzels, whole grain cereal, banana chips, popcorn, peanut butter chips, and white chocolate chips.

After some serious snacking and singing (and maybe even dancing), move the party to your kitchen table. Have a bowl of conversation hearts and a pair of chopsticks sitting on the table for each person there. You’re going to play Capture My Heart!  Set a timer for 3-4 minutes. When the timer starts, everyone uses their chopsticks to place one heart at a time on the table near them. Whoever has the most hearts on the table when the time is up wins!

The winner gets to choose the first movie to watch. The films we recommend are Mirror, Mirror (a delightful Snow White adaptation with Julia Roberts) and Brave. For older girls, add The Hunger Games to this list.  These are all stories of strong “Super” girls!

Other activities that would make this event awesome would be decorating sugar cookies, painting nails, doing makeup and hair, or having a singing/dancing contest. With very little effort, you can make Super Bowl Sunday memorable and fun for your daughters, their friends, and maybe even a few moms! They’ll never forget Super Girl Sunday, and may even want to take a turn hosting next year!