Everyday Outfit Ideas That Will Make You Feel Great

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Until spit up becomes a fashion accessory, you won’t be parading Milan anytime soon. Once children enter the picture, moms tend to trade in their pumps for sneakers and their flutter tops for their husband’s tee shirts. When connivence has made you feel out of sorts and out of style, it’s time for a change. Believe it or not, there are outfit ideas that will make look cute and still be super comfortable. Check it out!

Sporty Mom

Thanks to designers like lululemon, the sporty look is in. Even the top fashionistas of the world have been seen in nothing but a tank top and yoga pants and they look great doing it. You’ve been rocking those sweat pants and hoodie for a while now. Perhaps its time to enjoy all the comfort and convenience of these items but with a style upgrade. For instance, lululemon has made it socially acceptable to walk outside with yoga pants on.

Yoga pants are just as comfortable as sweat pants or even pajama pants but are twice as flattering. Magically your thighs and butt will look incredible. How do they do it? We’re not sure, but until other designers discover their secrets we suggest investing in some luluemon yoga pants in every color. Who knows, maybe they will inspire you to work out some more. Or not. It doesn’t matter cause they will look great on you no matter what!

Working Your Husband’s Wardrobe

At this point, there is nothing more comfortable than wearing your husband’s shirts. It doesn’t cling and you don’t feel badly about getting an odd assortment of fluids on it throughout the day. While this may be wildly comfortable, it may not feel the most stylish. Now is the time to turn that button up denim shirt into the fashion staple that will make all your friends jealous. In many ways, a men’s button up shirt is like a blank canvas. Say your child has now pulled on the bottom of your shirt with their wet, sticky with something you don’t want to identify fingers.

Simply unbutton the bottom two buttons and tie the ends of your shirt into a bow. With a pair of high wasted pants or a skirt, you have an outfits Taylor Swift would adore. Or say you spilled some baby food down your front. Unbutton your whole shirt and wrap one side over the other. Then tuck it into your pants and tada! You have an adorable new wrap top. How would have guessed it was really your husband’s shirt you’re using to cover up mashed up carrots?

Finally, if the shirt has been destroyed beyond all repair, simply throw a sweater over it. Once you pull out the collar, roll up the sleeves and leave the tails sticking out, you’re outfit will look like it came right off the hanger rather then directly out of the clothes hamper.

Image credit: istockphoto.com

What are your favorite outfit ideas?