Oscars Party For Kids! Roll Out The Red Carpet!

oscar academy awards party for kids

When you have kids, it’s not always possible (or practical) to have an adults-only night out. Hiring a babysitter can be expensive, and with the price of gas these days, staying home more makes sense. Many people will take the opportunity to throw a party for The Academy Awards ceremony on February 24th this year–but if you find yourself thinking you’d rather stay in with the kids, you can throw your own family-friendly Oscars party right at home. You can even invite other parents and their children over to make the evening even more fun!

  • Roll out the red carpet. Literally. You don’t have to go in search of an actual red carpet. Use a red towel, tablecloth or blanket to serve as the red carpet that all the guests will walk upon as they enter the party area.
  • Get dressed up. Have everyone wear their best attire so they feel as if they are celebrities. Pretend to be a red carpet commentator and “interview” each guest – ask them who designed their outfit for the evening.
  • Don’t forget the paparazzi. Take pictures of all the guests as they stroll down the red carpet.
  • Set up a table with finger foods and “champagne”. Buy plastic glasses in the shape of champagne glasses so guest feel as if they are really at the Academy Awards party. Serve sparkling grape juice or apple cider.
Give Awards
  • Hold voting related to movies everyone knows. Include kids’ movies so the children can participate, too. Create awards categories and make sure everyone wins something.
  • Make trophies. Make or buy small trophies to hand out to the winners.
  • Give “thank you” speeches. Have the winners thank a few people, just as they do at the Oscars, when they win a category.
  • Give out “Oscar” gift bags. You’ve heard about the gift bags given to celebrities who attend the Oscars, haven’t you? Your bags may not contain expensive jewelry, but trinkets and candy will do just fine for this Oscar party.
Movie Night

End the evening with a movie. Have a few choices on hand that are age appropriate and take a vote. Allow the kids to lay out blankets and pillows in front of the TV. This will give the kids a chance to calm down and possibly go to sleep, and give the parents a chance to enjoy each other’s company–and maybe even watch the Academy Awards. Make sure to have buttery popcorn and juice on hand for the kids to munch on while they watch the movie. With a fun family-friendly evening like this, there’s no reason to head out to an Oscar party elsewhere!