Organizing The Kids’ Toys! (And How To Get Started)

Organizing the Children's ToysOrganizing children’s toys can be a tedious task. And messy. and horrible. There’s deciding which toys to keep, and figuring how to store them, and finding the cheapest ways to put everything in an accessible place. These tips can get you started, though, after you’ve surveyed the area and decided which ones to keep. That sets up the usual three options we give our kids:  [photo via]

  • Toys to save
  • Toys to throw away
  • Toys to give to charity


The toys that end up being saved will be a much more manageable task to organize. Toy storage bins can be purchased at the store or recycled from the home. Large plastic or wooden bins can serve as a great storage vessel for your children’s toys.  If you want a more polished look, purchase wooden weaved baskets for a cohesive look that blends in with your household décor.  Label them appropriately, such as Dolls, Action Figure, or Puzzles.

(If the children are too young to be reading yet, just make a picture and glue it on the storage box to indicate what’s inside.)

Children don’t always limit their play to designated play rooms or bedrooms.  This being said, the family room should have a storage area to put away toys and crafts after being used.  A great use of space for this area is an ottoman with a lid and hollow storage inside.  This way it functions as both furniture and storage. Don’t neglect the joys of shelving. Installing some shelves to display trophies and memorabilia will clear up floor space and make the room seem larger.

Of course, there’s always some niche area that requires something more specific in storage. It’s always a challenge to organize art supplies. You can use household jars or cups to store your paint brushes, crayons and markers. (Make sure they’re a nice and safe non-toxic material.) An expandable portfolio file folder is great to keep loose paper and save all of your little artist’s masterpieces. You can also do wonders with a lot of cheap frames. They’re great for either displaying your children’s artwork, or just preserving them safely.

Once you have your toy storage organized, it will make clean-up so much easier.  There will be a place for everything and everything will have a place–as some people like to say. This isn’t just about making it easier to clean again later on, either. You’ll soon find that a lack of clutter will have you will feeling much happier and less stressed.  Happy Organizing!