Non-Traditional Easter Celebrations!

Easter Celebrations

Easter is, traditionally, a religious celebration. You wake up early on Easter day, go to church and try not to think about all the chocolate hidden in a basket for you at home. Then you let the children run-a-muck searching for all those colorful Easter eggs in their expensive Sunday best (and it never ceases to amaze you how quickly those pricey garments can get destroyed.)

Family comes over for a wholesome ham and potato dinner before tucking in for the night reflecting in the joy of the resurrection. Whether you are religious or not, it might feel like time to switch up the extremely predictable day. With these fun activities the whole family will love, all thoughts of hidden eggs and Easter baskets will go right out the window. If that isn’t a miracle, what is?!

Murder Mystery Party!

We hear you. A murder mystery party? Shouldn’t you wait until Halloween to break out the “who done it” games? Norway doesn’t think so. While Americans are chowing down on Peeps and contemplating the significance of the Easter Bunny, the citizens of Norway are skiing, painting eggs and solving murders! It is such a traditional Easter activity for them that every major television station will play detective stories and show crime specials.

Even magazines will print crime stories ripe for solving while the bookshelves fill up with new bloody tales. What says forgiveness for all mankind like solving a murder mystery? Sounds like a fun Easter activity to us! So gather all your friends after dinner and play a rousing game of “Clue!” Or trade in your copy of “Ben -Hur” for a marathon of “Murder She Wrote.” That’s sure to switch up your Easter malaise!

Maundy Thursday

In England, Easter celebrations begin on Thursday and carry over into Monday all in attempt to eat as much chocolate as possible and still have enough time to recover from the bloating that is sure to follow. Maundy Thursday kicks off the festivities with money and even a visit from the Queen! In most Christian traditions, Thursday is recognized as the day of the Last Supper, the feet washing and celebrated by with a ceremony of the Eucharist. In England, they use this day to not only participate in the Eucharist but also to express their feelings of gratitude to one another. Dating back to Edward the First, royalty distributes Maundy Money to senior citizens who have provided exceptional service to their community.

With the Maundy Money recipients are awarded a red and white purse filled with the original coins created specifically for the day. Bring this tradition into your family by turning it into a Lenten game. For every good deed your child performs, they will have another coin added to their bag. Then on Thursday they receive their earnings! Use real money or chocolate coins, depending on your own preference (and love of chocolate.) As long as your Easter involves family, food and frivolities, no matter how you decide to celebrate it, Easter is sure to be a good time had by all!


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What are your favorite Easter celebration?