New Year’s Resolutions Are A Family Affair! [VIDEO]

Nothing like a New Year to make your life all better as everyone resolves to cure all of their annoying habits and to start helping out more around the house. At least, that’s what we’re always envisioning. Things don’t usually work out that way. All you get is a lot of jokes about resolving to give up vegetables. Tee hee. It’s time to outsmart everyone and turn those New Year’s resolutions into a real family affair. Check out this video as child psychotherapist Katie Hurley meets with host Diane Mizota to discuss ways to get everyone to go along with a New Year full of order, discipline, and even some fiscal responsibility. There are a lot of good tricks in here, even if Katie and Diane could sound a lot more scheming while discussing things. It would simply make things sound more, y’know, fun.