The Bigger Kids: New Year’s Eve Parties For Them, Too!

New Year’s Eve is a fun time for everyone. Though most parties are adult-only events, kids between the ages of 9 to 12 can enjoy a party planned with them in mind. Kids this age are old enough to stay up until midnight and participate in the festivities. With a few minor adjustments, everyone can have a good time welcoming in the New Year together.

Separate Parties?

If the guests you plan to invite to your adult party have children of their own, you can throw a New Year’s Eve party that caters to all ages. Babysitters can be hard to come by on New Year’s Eve, so instead of trying to find somewhere to put the kids, have your guests bring them along and make it fun for everyone.

While the adults are chatting, drinking adult beverages and doing boring adult things in one area of the house, the kids can be doing their own thing in another part of the house. Set up a mini-movie theater in a finished basement or large bedroom. Supply several choices of movies and popcorn for the kids. Ask them to bring their sleeping bags and pillows and make it a sleepover party. This way, if the children get tired, they can go to sleep.

Planning a party of this nature allows parents to have a good time while including their older children in the festivities. With kids this age, there is no need to throw a separate party for everyone to enjoy a New Year’s Eve celebration.

Food and Drink

Kids between the ages of 9 and 12 are easy to please. They are typically not too picky about food, so you can plan one menu and display it in a central location where adults and kids can access it easily. Include drinks at this location the kids can have, such as punch, soda or juice, but keep the alcoholic beverages out of reach of the children.

At Midnight

Just before the stroke of midnight, bring all of your party guests together (leave the sleeping children lie) to count down to the New Year. Provide noisemakers, silly hats and other party favors to make it fun. While the adults drink champagne, provide the kids with sparkling cider or grape juice to toast the New Year.

A family-friendly New Year’s Eve party that includes older children is a nice way to make it possible for parents to get out and celebrate the New Year without having to find a babysitter or feel guilty for leaving their kids at home.