5 Tips To Introducing A New Relationship After Divorce

new relationship after divorce

Out of all of the things you have going on, sometimes it’s necessary to stop and do something that may cause a little comfortableness. This can also happen when you’re dealing with your own family.

I know you’ve seen movies where a girl meets a guy or vice versa and they have to take their new love home to meet the family. Almost every single movie portrays it as an awkward, uncomfortable or dreaded moment. At the very least, you’ll be a little nervous.

It doesn’t have to be that way. There are a few things you can do to take the pressure off when you’re introducing a new love to your family that should help you with this task.


When family meets your beau

If you think it’s time to introduce your love interest to your family you’re going to need a plan that causes the least amount of stress to pull it off. Here are five tips to help you along:

  1. Start at the beginning. Before anything else you should ensure you know you want them in your lives for all of eternity. If there’s any doubt delay the intros. However, talking about him to your family and letting him meet friends is a good idea.
  2. Send out a warning. If I were you I wouldn’t show up unannounced with a new person. Call your parents, siblings or friends and let them know your intentions. They may want to host a dinner or have other ideas of how and where they’d like the intros to be.
  3. Talk about your family. Share loving and funny stories with your new love about your family. Try to avoid bad mouthing them so he doesn’t have a negative image of them. Of course, if there are current upsets going on then sharing what you feel comfortable with is a good way to get closer. The same goes for your beau; if you have a disagreement or something else negative happens reserve your venting for friends (if you must talk about it).
  4. Keep it to yourself. During the intros and time spent with the family avoid oversharing. Sometimes when we begin telling a story we get caught revealing too much about a relationship. Decide together what your “safe shares” are.
  5. Wear clothes that are comfortable for you and try not to think of bad things that can go wrong. Happy thoughts.

This doesn’t have to be an uncomfortable situation. If you follow the above tips and keep in mind you’ll be in a room full of people who you love and who you love back then this is a moment in life that can make the best memories.

What about the kids?

Introducing your beau to your kids takes quite a bit more thought and finesse. Wait at least six to 10 months before you even consider it.

Do you have recommendations for introducing a new relationship after divorce?

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