DESPICABLE ME 2 Trailer! (What You’ll Be Watching This July 3rd)

despicable me 2 trailer s

It’s hard to believe that Despicable Me came out way back in 2010–unless you weren’t raising a child back then, in which case 2010 might seem like just yesterday. In either case, one of the better kiddie movies of this decade is getting a sequel this year. Even our older kids gathered around to check out this trailer, and you’ll definitely want to show the first Despicable Me to your children before this summer. We promise you that there will be a lot worse movies that they’ll want to drag you to while they’re out of school. Maybe we’re getting a little too excited, but this trailer certainly suggests that Despicable Me 2 has all the charm of the first movie. It’s the kind of kiddie film where we’re just happy to have an excuse to go see it for ourselves without looking all geeky. (Yes, we know girl geeks are cool nowadays, but we’re not so sure about mom geeks.)

And we won’t have to shell out M&Ms all through the movie like when our own kids were younger. Speaking of which, you might be a little surprised at who shows up on the soundtrack to this trailer. Not exactly the kind of musician we associated with these kinds of animated cartoons in our younger years. We are getting old…