Moving With Kids: How to Help Them Adjust to a New Home and Environment


 A family with some moving boxes.

If you have thought that the relocation chaos ends once you reach your new home, you’ve made a big mistake. It’s only when you bring in your boxes that another stage begins. You need to figure out where your things are, how to function in the new neighborhood and keep on with your life. Well, for kids these things can be even more stressful. Not only have they changed their living environment but they’ve also changed their school, friends, and playground. They will need your help to get things back to normal. Therefore, here are several tips on moving with kids and how to help them adjust to a new environment.

1. Talk and prepare

The crucial moment in every relocation process is preparation. To have your kids understand what is going to happen, you need to sit and talk to them. What’s more, if you have a habit of organizing family meetings from time to time, let one of them deal with the question of your relocation. Be patient and gentle. Explain everything in detail, and always point out the good sides of moving into a new home– a new room, the proximity to a school, or a playground.

However, no matter how well you do this role, be prepared for the kids’ harsh and emotional reactions. In most cases, there would be a lot of sadness, maybe even tears and rejection. Still, keep in mind that those are just kids and that they cannot cope with the changes the way we do.

Be calm and patient.

2. Mind their feelings and their opinion

Another important thing is that your kids must know they are allowed to express their emotions freely. They should open themselves up and speak with you about everything. Even if you are already overwhelmed with relocation issues, ensure you find time to talk with them when they want you to.

On the other hand, involving your kids in the relocation and the moving-in process may help their emotional state too. As we have already learned from Pro Movers Miami, professional help in the packing process is irreplaceable. However, the process of decluttering is something you need to do all by yourself. And that’s a perfect opportunity to ask your kids for help. They can always pick the colors for the walls or choose decorations. Let them be part of some important decisions so that they can feel that their opinion matters.

3. The kids’ room comes first

Remember one thing- your kids’ room stuff should be packed last and unpacked first. You can let the rest of your household be in chaos for some time, but the kids’ room should be fully prepared the first day you move in. This is extremely important since it will keep the emotional stability of the little ones. No matter what is going on in the kitchen or the living room, kids need to have their own space to play and relax.

4. Help them meet the environment- moving with kids and how to help them adjust to a new environment

The new neighborhood can be scary even for adults. Everyone needs some time to get to know the living environment and adjust to the change. However, when it comes to kids, this adjusting period can last even longer. Moreover, they will need your help to overcome the obstacles.

Encourage your kids to go outside and play. Go and visit the nearby playground with them. All they need is the initial support. They will soon meet other children from the neighborhood and make some new friends. Once your kids find a way to fill their free time, they will feel at home again.

Moving with kids and helping them adjust to a new environment will be much easier once they meet some new friends.

5. Change their routine the less you can

Children’s life is all about routines. Relocation is a stressful process because it breaks down their everyday habits and takes them away from a safe environment. That is why you should ensure that most of your kids’ routines keep happening during and after the relocation process. You need to have those family meals they love, and, most importantly, don’t forget to take some time during the day and play with them.

Breaking routines can be especially problematic when it comes to their studying. Kids always need some time to adjust to the new school. And not all kids can adapt the same way. That is why we need to guide them through the process and help them keep their usual pace. All through the moving process, they must have their peace, so that they can study.

6. Make the new home fun

This is something that won’t be an easy task. Still, it’s a significant segment of moving with kids and helping them adjust to a new environment. First of all, you should make the new home seem familiar. That can be done if you bring some furniture or decoration from your old home. That will help your kids familiarize themselves with the new environment.

Another good strategy is to use games as your best ally. Organize some interesting after-school activities at home, make up a bathtime game, or even start building a treehouse in your garden. Get some pizza from the local fast food, and make a movie night at home. These little gaming moments can work even before you unpack and settle down. Give your kids the moving boxes and inspire them to make a spaceship or a small house in your living room. Meanwhile, you can deal with the unpacking with ease.

7. Help them stay in touch with their friends

Keeping in touch with friends from the old neighborhood and school is significant, yet pretty complicated if you are just a kid. This is where the parent’s role is necessary. If you see your kid feels bad and misses his old companions, you can organize a group skype call and help them hang out and chat. What’s more, if you see they like the idea, this can become a kind of nice ritual.

Help them make new and keep old friends.

Moving with kids and helping them adjust to a new environment is a real task for a parent. However, that is a necessary first step for getting your family’s life back to normal again. So, no matter how complicated it may seem, give your best to make it work.