Most Popular Toys: The 2013 Christmas Survey! (Yes, Christmas)

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Yes, we’re a little outraged over how the holiday season keeps encroaching upon our shopping. We’re making a wild lurch straight from Halloween to Christmas toys, it seems. At least we can’t get too upset about the Jewish calendar bringing together Thanksgiving and Hanukkah this year. That was set in motions centuries ago. We’re more upset over Kmart taking over the airwaves in September with their first wave of Christmas advertising. That’s just going to make our lives harder as the kids get revved up for holidays toys.

But it’s pretty helpful that Walmart has released their first survey of toys that are trending hot with today’s children. Some of us have kids who present long lists of anticipated toys. Other children, however, tend to get a little overwhelmed. We’re always happy to talk about our children’s wish lists. That can help them get a proper understanding of realistic anticipations and foster some wise decisions. Also, we kind of feel like kids again ourselves. That’s not so bad.

Walmart has gotten pretty good at this, too. They put together 1,000 kids from the ages of 18 month to 10 years to work their way through the yearly toy catalogue. They provide a mix of old and new toys, as well. Yes, the links below will all take you to the Walmart site. Maybe that’s controversial–but we’re not saying that you have to shop there. It’s still a good way to get an idea of prices and what’s appropriate for your own children. So check out the list and get ready for that coming holiday season. It’s just not coming as quickly as Kmart would like…

Little People Fun Sounds Farm

Kids 18 Months to 2 Years

Kids 3 to 5 Years

Hot Wheels Triple Track Twister

Kids 6 to 7 Years

Kids 8 to 10 Years