On Why I Want Time For A Hobby

As a working mom, I wish that I could say my kids are my hobby. It would be fun if they were. I could traipse into the house, relax while the nanny finishes up her day, and then get around to being with my children after I’ve unwound a bit. I love my kids, though, and so I have to rush home to see them and hug them and hold them and then learn about all the things I have to do for them over the rest of the evening.

But I’m still thinking that I need to take time out for a hobby. More importantly, I’m thinking there’s a reason that my mother had a hobby that started before her (relatively, Mom) old age. And my grandmother before her. It’s not difficult to find articles assuring us that hobbies help to relieve stress. It’s just difficult to find articles telling mothers how to find a time for those hobbies.

Hobbies seem like kind of a wasteful thing nowadays, anyway. We’re supposed to spend our free time doing something constructive in our community. That, or giving in to something passive like watching television or stalking catching up with people on Facebook. I’m still thinking that hobbies make you think more into the evening and late night. I know my brain certainly could stand some stimulation around then. And I wouldn’t even care if the hobby was something that seemed kind of boring. Ever seen a woman knitting? That’s a repetitive kind of thing that looks pretty soothing to me now– as opposed to the repetitive things I do around the kitchen. Besides, I like the idea of doing something old-fashioned that was once meant to actually clothe people.

I’m also jealous of all my kids’ hobbies. They’re always being told to do new things, since I want them to get a chance to consider pretty much everything as they search for their Great Meaning.

I’m probably weird in not really caring about getting out of the house or meeting new people–but if that’s what I wanted, I’d be able to do that with a hobby. I could join bird watchers, or take tennis lessons, or try belly dancing. I’m leaning more to the solitary things like quilting or gardening lately. I’m not really sure what I’m going to do. Right now, my hobby is probably shopping for a hobby. That’s already been fun enough to get me thinking I’m onto a good idea.