Moms of Etsy: Sassafras Saige is a ’70s Revival for Girls!

Girls Fall Purple Floral Print Peasant Dress f

We used to sew. It was one of the first things that fell to the wayside when just one child came along. In contrast, the Michigan mom known as Sassafras Saige seems to find inspiration for her original designs on Etsy. Here’s the official Sassafras Saige biography that might leave you (well, us) feeeling a little inadequate:

I am a stay at home mom of 3 super amazing kids. When I’m not busy being a wife and mother – cooking, cleaning, laundering, shopping, chauffeuring or just plain wrangling my children; you will probably find me in my sewing nook. I got back into sewing and starting making dresses, skirts and ruffle pants for my daughter a couple years ago…After receiving several compliments about her clothes and hearing, “Have you ever thought of selling your stuff?” from family and friends; I decided to take the plunge and join the Etsy selling community. 

We hope the community appreciates having her around, too. The Sassafras Saige store is the perfect outlet for mothers who want to indulge their daughters in dressing up without participating in dressing down–which, let’s face it, seems to be what dressing up is about for kids nowadays. The clothes of Sassafras Saige are amazing ’70s throwbacks to that time when hippie couture met disco sophistication. Yes, there really was such a thing.

Girls Fall Purple Floral Print Peasant Dress with sash

Consider this Girls Fall Purple Floral Print Peasant Dress–which must be a one-of-kind-item, because we couldn’t imagine making one. Yet, like all of the Sassafras Saige offerings, you can buy these in a wide assortment of sizes. They’re smartly made with an elastic neck and sleeves so that your daughter can toss it on before going off to plant sunflowers. It’s an awful lot of personality for just $25.

Custom girls or toddlers black and white ruffle pants

There’s a good chance that your daughter will be the first kid on the block to sport her own Custom Girls (or Toddlers) Black and White Ruffle Pants. These turn the simplest top into a gorgeously retro affair, and for just $18. You should also check out the store’s  Turquoise/Aqua Double Ruffle Capri Leggings.

Custom Girls Sparkle Glitter Paris Eiffel Tower Peasant Dress

Here’s another design where you think you have to be looking at an item in very short supply. Sassafras Saige, however, seems to have plenty of the material needed for this Custom Girls Sparkle Glitter Paris Eiffel Tower Peasant Dress. It’ll hard to be resist taking credit for this charmer, which has a homemade look that still comes with some very professional ruffling.

Girls Fall Purple Floral Print Peasant Dress

Check out the adorable simplicity of the Custom Girls Fall Chevron Peasant Dress. It’s both incredibly cute, but with enough of a grown-up design to inspire a young gal’s attitude–and at $22, you won’t feel worried if your daughter takes advantage of the breezy design to run around in the park. In fact, these are all clothes that should inspire a young lady to feel both elegant and free as a bird–which is an awful lot to get from an Etsy buy!