Moms of Etsy: Martha & Ash are Upscale and Glamorous

We once made a pretty impressive pasta sculpture with our daughter. In contrast, the mother-and-daughter team of (respectively) Martha & Ash are building an Etsy empire. We’re pretty sure that the Etsy folks owe them a lot of credit for helping the site’s reputation go from artsy-craftsy to elegant and upscale. In one sense, they’re exactly what Etsy is all about. They’re working their magic from the relative isolation of Camden, South Carolina. In the pre-internet days, they’d be a wonderful secret that would be passed amongst smart Southerners.

Today, however, these ladies are able to show off their wonderful fabrics and make their craftswomanship available to homes all over the world. You might have heard plenty of local talents get overhypes, but check out just a few of these Martha & Ash creations. And did we mention that we’re pretty sure that Martha & Ash seem to also double as a grandmother-and-mother team? Not that we think that’s another reason to shop here…

96 Burlap Knife Pleated Drapery Panel with Greek Key Trim Martha & Ash

Burlap Knife Pleated Drapery Panel with Greek Key Trim

Burlap has never looked more glamorous than with these custom drape panels. Martha & Ash always offer fabric samples through the mail for perspective clients, and you’ll appreciate the care they put in choosing their materials. You’ll still end up surprised at the quality of the finished product. There are plenty of custom options, but they’re all made with a flat-hanging cut that’ll keep you from ever buying generic drapes again!

Multi Chevron Dog Bed Martha & Ash

Multi Chevron Dog Bed

We never really gave much thought to chevron designs. They’re a favorite of Martha & Ash, though, and you’ll be impressed with how good they look with drapes–or, in this case, a better looking dog bed than our dog deserves! (Just kidding; we love our dog.) This vibrant print belies a heavy canvas product that also zips out for easy cleaning. With enough sizes for every dog, too!

Shanghai Peacock Pillow Cover Martha & Ash

Shanghai Peacock Pillow Cover

Looking for something colorful in a pillow cover that isn’t incredibly tacky? We’ve been on that search, too. We’ve sorted through shrill solids and obscene paisleys and…well, look at this pillow cover here. It’s bright and warm, based on an old textile painting and intermingled with plenty of design elements that manage to be intricate instead of cluttered. Martha & Ash recommend a down insert, but we’re feeling comfortable just looking at this gorgeous cover that seems classic without being retro.

Hand Print Headboards Martha & Ash

Hand Print Headboards 

We didn’t know that we needed Hand Print Headboards until we saw the brilliant simplicity of this design. You have plenty of fine fabric designs to choose from, and the cording is coordinated with the 100% natural linen. Of course, 100% raw linen means irregularities in the fabric–but Martha & Ash build these for some serious quality headboarding!

Navajo Stool Ottoman Martha & Ash Martha & Ash,jpg

Navajo Stool/Ottoman

Finally, here’s something unexpected from the clever Martha & Ash team. It’s another 100% linen product sporting beautifully bold colors and sturdy turned legs. You can trust a child to use this ottoman while it brightens up your living room with a twist. And, of course, this is just the start of the fine Martha & Ash line–so get to browsing more of their fine Etsy brand.