Moms of Etsy: Liana’s Crafty Holiday Greetings (and Decals!)

We like to celebrate the busy moms of Etsy, and they don’t get much busier than the singularly-named Liana–who’s crafting away greeting cards and decals while raising a 7-year-old and a set of 11-year-old triplets. That would be enough to get us looking at early retirement. Liana, however, finds time from her home in Kansas City, Missouri to craft some lovely creations. Some of them are seasonal, and others are perpetually fun. Liana also has a knack for putting her personal touch on existing objects. Above all, her Busy Mom Creations are priced just right for a perfectly personal touch.

We especially like how Liana’s profile for Busy Mom Creations gives credit to a wholesome organization as part of her early artistic inspirations:

I’ve been crafting my entire life. I credit my crafty bug to my Aunt Kathy. Well, she is actually my mom’s second cousin, but she’s always been known to me as my Aunt. She was my Girl Scout leader growing up, and was always coming up with something fun and crafty for our troop to do. 

Busy Mom Creations Etsy 1

Here’s a perfect example of Liana at her most simple, and providing an alternative to boring mainstream stuff. This decal allows her to customize exactly how much power you have as a mom (or dad) with a subtle invocation of Mom to the Third Power. Or the Second Power. Whatever you need, and people will appreciate you sparing them from the sight of another stick-figure family.

Busy Mom Creations Etsy2

Of course, Liana is concentrating on Halloween greetings right now–and she does a great job of using old-fashioned Halloween imagery. We have a feeling that a lot of her Halloween cards end up displayed just like this for Octobers to come.

Busy Mom Creations Etsy 3

There’s nothing more needed in our stationary collection than a classy card with nothing inside to interfere with our own deep thoughts. This all-purpose beauty should be bought in bulk by anyone who has things to say that are too important for an email.

Busy Mom Creations Etsy 4

And here’s another blank card that’s…well, a little less all-purpose. We’re obviously looking at something more romantic here, but that still leaves plenty of room to cover Valentine’s Day, everyday loving thoughts, and matters more platonic. We certainly have lots of love for Liana’s work, and have her permanently bookmarked for all holiday occasions. Here’s hoping she puts together something for this year’s Thanksgivingkkah. That means Thanksgiving and Hanukkah together this year, for the first time ever. Get on it, Liana!