Moms of Etsy: House Of Geekiness Has the Goods!

We confess to being geeky gals, and we know that we’re not alone. Plenty of us have found homes at places like We’re especially inspired, however, by Reina Laura and her House of Geekiness empire out of Provo, Utah. The self-proclaimed bookaholic and geek has also created some beautiful Etsy creations out of her love for Perler beads–which is part of an inspiring story from her Etsy profile page:

One day, I realized that I was modeling my life and home after the image of what I’d though of as normal. I am NOT a normal person, I am a huge geek! Now, I embrace the geekiness and surround myself and life with what I love. My family and I now live in a House of Geekiness, and it’s been the most honest, wonderful, comfortable, and fun place we’ve ever lived.

While we’ve been helping our kids make basic bracelets, Laura has been using her beads to create lovable creations that–as noted–are all about what she loves. Sadly, her Disney Princess line is no longer available, but the House of Geekiness still offers some pop culture fun from the famous to the (kind of) obscure.

etsy house of geekiness sesame street

Consider her Sesame Street Magnet Set–which bypasses popular icons like Bert and Ernie and Elmo in favor of the notorious Yip Martians. Remember them? Well, you can see them here.) We’re not even sure if our children have had the chance to be exposed to the Martians That Say “Yip,” but we couldn’t wait to own Martians of our own (measuring a generous 8.5″ x 4″ wide) for only $12.50. It’s not like there are any Yip Martians that we can go buy in stores, anyway. Why is that?

etsy house of geekiness batman robin

We’re also impressed by the House of Geekiness’ hanging Batman & Robin set–who are a little more diminutive at 3.5″ tall (and sell for $8). Officially, these are Christmas ornaments, but they look perfectly fine hanging at the end of the chain of the overhead fan in one of the kids’ bedrooms. But we’re thinking that the adorably pixilated Robin is colorful enough that we really will move him to the tree in December.

But the House of Geekiness can get really, truly geeky–which means that Laura’s stock can appeal to teenagers, too. Laura has pretty much cornered the Perler bead market in wall decorations and hanging ornaments honoring Doctor Who and Firefly.

etsy house of geekiness Doctor Who

If you don’t know about Doctor Who, then you haven’t been watching enough of the BBC for the past–um, fifty years. He’s just your typical Time Lord in a spaceship protecting Earth from bizarre forces. The good Doctor has been played by different actors over the years, and England treats every new cast change like the naming of a new James Bond. House of Geekiness has a Perler bead set that honors the recent years of around 2008, when Doctor Who’s sidekick Donna Noble found herself time-traveling in her wedding dress. (That beaded British telephone booth is the Doctor’s ship.)

etsy house of geekiness Doctor Who firefly serenity

American geeks (the kind who really like Doctor Who, anyway) will also rejoice over Laura’s love of Firefly–which was a quickly-canceled television show in 2002 which has built up a Star Trek-styled fanbase. (There was even a big-screen version called Serenity in 2005.) You may not recognize these beady characters, but there are plenty of people who will at a glance. Which is another reason House of Geekiness is a family endeavor that makes us feel like part of the family–which is what we’re looking for when supporting Etsy moms! Well, that, and cool stuff…