Cartoon (And Ballet) Of Old Russian Legend Will Get Your Kid Clean! [VIDEO]

Check out the video below as Russia’s Bolshoi Ballet reaches out to children with some awesome scare tactics for getting your kid to bathe. The company is making a specific bid for a kiddie audience with their new production of “Moidodyr,” which opens tomorrow as a fun take on a classic regional folk tale. The ballet tells the story of a boy who refuses to wash, and then gets so dirty that his toys come alive and abandon him. Now, that’s a good threat that we should’ve come up with on our own. The title character is a giant washing basin who sends an army of cleaning utensils after the boy to persuade him to wash. Yeah! We never thought of that, either!  You’ll also see that there’s all kinds of neat stage craft going on in this production. It sure beats going to see “The Nutcracker” yet again–but we bet the Bolshoi does a fine adaptation of that old classic, too. And if you’re like us and can’t run off to Russia right now, enjoy this cool old cartoon of the legend. It’s inspiring!