Mint Juleps For Kids! (It’s the Kentucky Derby Weekend!)

mint julep for kids children

The Kentucky Derby is one of the biggest horse races in America, traditionally held on the first Saturday in May in Louisville, Kentucky at the famous Churchill Down.  Another tradition, of course, is Kentucky Derby Parties. The race is a huge event in Louisville, with plenty of celebrities and tourists flying in for the occasion. There are also plenty of people gathering in homes across America to watch the actual race–which is perfect for kids, since the average length of the race is about two minutes. That’s not going to tax a kid’s attention span.

There’s one Kentucky Derby tradition that isn’t for kids, though. That’s the popular Mint Julep–which is a very Southern adult beverage that everyone across the world will try to make for the big race. It’s just fun to say that you’re sipping on a Mint Julep, like a true Southern gentleman or lady. The only problem is that it’s not very gentlemanly to serve your kids a drink with bourbon. Yeah. That’s the main ingredient, along with sugar and mint. It’s a shame to leave the kids out, though. Instead of just throwing some mint into a glass of water, try this very kid-friendly recipe. You’ll be using ginger ale instead of bourbon as the main ingredient–but be sure to serve those kids their drinks in a different kind of glass than the grown-ups are using. We recommend paper cups, or bright red plastic ones. That’s just part of being a responsible host…

  • 4-5 Mint Sprigs
  • 1 ½ cup Sugar
  • 2 cup Cold Water
  • ¾ cup Lemon Juice
  • 1 ½ qts Ginger Ale
  • Lemon Slices

Remove the stems from the mint and rinse.  Combine the sugar, water, and lemon juice in a medium sized bowl, blend well.  Pour mixture into a large pitcher.  Add mint sprigs and let stand for about half an hour.  Add ginger ale to mixture.  Pour into a cup filled with crushed ice and serve with a lemon slice to garnish.