What Does A Mid-Life Crisis Look Like To Some Mothers?

Mid-life crisis

We’re all familiar with the term “mid-life crisis”, but it’s usually associated with men at a certain age while suddenly deciding to purchase a convertible Corvette. Women, particularly mothers, do go through much the same thing and in varying degrees, and even WebMD agrees that a mid-life crisis can hit both sexes. What does a mid-life crisis look like to some mothers these days?

Mid-Life Crisis Career Regrets

The numbers of mothers who are choosing to stay home with their children may be on the rise according to Pew Research, but there are many who are giving up hard earned careers to do what many of us consider to be The Hardest Job on the planet. This may cause many women to begin to regret leaving behind their careers as they watch their friends and peers excelling in their jobs. This seems to happen more often as the kids get older and more independent, but then that often leads to the issue of not having a recent resume to begin circulating to get back into the work groove.

Mid-Life Crisis Stress of Motherhood Causing Depression

Many of us mothers go through a period of time where we’d give our right ovary just to have an adult conversation that doesn’t involve DVR’ing the new episode of SpongeBob SquarePants. If a mother doesn’t have an adult outlet with other mothers or even just the regular Girls Night Out, there can be a sense of separation and isolation that hits. The stress of being the sole caretaker for one or five children may take its toll on some mothers if there is no support system in place for them. For some mothers, this sends them into a form of depression, which is never a good thing.

The mid-life crisis for a mother may look like someone who is no longer as social as they used to be before she had children, or begins acting out in anger that seemingly comes out of nowhere. It could even make an appearance as the mother who suddenly decides to get a divorce because she is bored with the relationship or starts binge shopping for things to fill an emptiness in her life. Regardless of how it manifests, mid-life crises for mothers is a real thing.

If you (or someone you know) appear to be entering this realm, find healthy ways to help yourself through it gently. Begin building a support system to help with chores and errands, and get yourself out of the house to do things that you really enjoy. If it’s the absence of your career, dig into that creative spirit and find a way to do what you love while still staying home. There’s always a smart solution, but never be afraid to ask for help in order to find it.

Image: Pixabay