Homemade Crayons! We Think Martha Stewart May Have Lost Her Mind [VIDEO]

We’re absolutely fine with this Martha Stewart person. ModernDayMom proudly endorses anybody who’s got a few tricks to make our lives easier–and we can ignore Martha’s ideas that make our lives complicated. We’re not sure what to make of Martha’s new video for the joys of homemade crayons, though. We have enough of a cleanup after we mistakenly buy that kind of pudding that you have to cook instead of mix. The idea of stirring up some hot melted wax onto our kitchenware simple seems insane. Especially since there are plenty of toy Crayon Makers that you can buy for what suddenly seems like a very fair price. At least when compared to cleaning up in the kitchen. Still, judge for yourself as you watch Martha recycle some broken crayon pieces. Seriously, judge away. It’s fun.