Mario Kart 8! Mega Man in SMASH BROS! Learn What It Means!

mario kart 8 trailer announced

Raise your hand if your kid owns a Nintendo 64. What about a GameCube? Nobody? How times have changed. These days, everyone and their mother — that means you — has a Wii, and today at the Nintendo Direct E3 conference, brand new games were revealed, two of which took the cake. The German Chocolate Cake. Get it? If you don’t, you should be checking out today’s recipe page.

Without further ado, we introduce you to Mario Kart 8 — that’s right; there have been 8 — and a version of Super Smash Bros. equipped with none other than the famous Mega Man. These are the kinds of games that are appealing to everyone. Yes, we really mean everyone. Grab your five-year-old son, your twelve-year-old daughter, and your forty-five-year-old husband and head to the playroom, folks.

Mario Kart 8, simply put, is the new-and-improved version of its former self. The trailer reveals its devotion to previous cars and characters — how could it be Mario Kart without Toad and Peach going head-to-head — while demonstrating new features, such as the ability for one player to drive on top of the track while another drives underneath. The cars transform into hovercrafts to make this possible. Unfortunately, due to gravity, this isn’t possible in the real world. But, then again, none of this is possible in the real world. Come find us when you discover a princess and a small, Italian plumber who casually like to take part in drag racing on the weekends.

The inclusion of Mega Man in the Super Smash Bros. game is great news for everyone. Well, at least it’s great news for your kids. There’s no doubt that the game already has a fantastic set of characters — Donkey Kong, Fox McCloud, Pikachu, etc — but Mega Man’s appearance is the cause of much excitement. And he’s coming equipped with not only his Mega Buster, but also with his dog Rush. We can already hear the sound of millions of high-fives happening right this second across the globe.

So there you have it. These two games are sure to be on your kids’ Christmas wishlists. Or their birthday wishlists. Or their Tuesday wishlists. Monday wishlists. The point is: They want these games, both of which are coming to Wii U — and 3DS in the case of Super Smash Bros. — in 2014.

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