March In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb Crafts

lion with lambThe saying in like a lion and out like a lamb is well known when March begins. I know that the start of March has been unpleasant for most of us. Cramped up for days with this harsh winter weather and the kids are about to drive you up the wall. I know that all to well and I’m totally ready for spring to arrive. If I can keep the kids busy with crafts, then all is a bit peaceful in the household for a little while. So to keep the peace and add in a bit of fun at your house, grab some supplies and have the kids make some lions and lambs. Since the month roared in like a lion, let’s hope it will prance out like a lamb.

Cotton Ball Lamb

Materials you’ll need:

  • Cotton balls
  • Black construction paper
  • Glue
  • 2 Wiggly eyes
  • Paper plate
  • Scissors
  • Red yarn


How to make this cute lamb:

  1. Draw one circle for the head, two small ovals for the ears and four small rectangles for the legs. Then cut the shapes out.
  2. Glue the four legs to the bottom edge of your paper plate.
  3. Cover the plate with cotton balls.
  4. Glue the ears and eyes to the head. Glue on the yarn to make a mouth.
  5. Glue the head of the lamb on top of the cotton balls.

Feed the Lion

Materials you’ll need:

  • Paper plate
  • Yellow marker or paint
  • 2 Wiggly eyes
  • Brown, white, and black construction paper
  • Scissors
  • 2 – 4 medium sized brown socks
  • Rice


How to make the hungry lion:

  1. Cut out the center area of the paper plate and leaving the rim.
  2. Color with your yellow marker or paint the paper plate rim.
  3. Cut out small strips from the brown construction paper to make the mane of the lion.
  4. Turn the paper plate over and glue the strips around the plate.
  5. Cut out small strips of black construction paper for whiskers and eyebrows, and a triangle for the nose.
  6. Fold the white construction paper in half and unfold. Cut the paper in half following the crease. Cut out a set of teeth from both halves.
  7. With the paper plate back still facing up, glue the teeth around the top and bottom center enough to have them overhang a bit.
  8. Flip the plate over and glue the wiggly eyes, eyebrows, nose and whiskers.
  9. Fill socks with rice and tie them at the ends for the rice to stay in place. If you won’t want to use the rice, then you form a ball with each pair of socks. The socks will be the food to feed the lion.
  10. Set up a spot for your lion and throw the food into the mouth.

Are you ready for spring?


Photo Credit:  Thinkstock