3 Tips To Getting Salon-Quality Nails At Home

Can’t get enough from nail artist Fleury Rose? Well, check out this tutorial on how to create a salon-quality manicure at home in three steps.

Applying a base coat is the first step—it is also an essential step. Base coat helps to protect your nails from getting stained and it locks your polish in which prevents your nails from chipping immediately.

The second step is to apply nail polish. The secret to polish application is to paint on thin coats of color. It should be applied in a few strokes: one stroke down the middle, two strokes on either side of the nail, and then follow up with adding some polish on the tip of the nail to help the polish last longer. Apply two coats to attain really rich color. Also, be sure to use a top coat.

The third step in a salon-quality manicure is to clean up around the nail. It is obvious that you have done your nails at home if you leave nail polish on the skin around your nail. Use a thin pointed brush dipped in nail polish remover to trace around the nail for a clean look.

With these tips you’ll be enjoying salon-quality nails at home in no time!

Do you have any tips for creating a salon-quality manicure at home?