5 Minute Glamour – Morning Makeup Routine

Who actually has the ability to take their time in applying make up in the mornings? Although that’s what we’d like to do in order to look our best, most people roll out of bed after they hit snooze a few times, and then get ready and out the door in barely enough time to grab a granola bar and a coffee on the way into the office. That’s why a quick makeup routine is one of a woman’s greatest assets in the morning. M Cosmetic Tattooing explains more on this you must check out!

Start with a Cleanse

First and foremost, set a great foundation for your skin by cleansing it of the oils that have built up overnight while you sleep. When you sleep, you sweat, you roll around on sheets that have already been slept in most of the time, you sometimes drool and you always end up touching your face in one way or another. The result? An unseen layer of oil and grime that should be removed every day before any make up is applied. Don’t skip this step!


Fast Concealer and Foundation

To be quick about your skin, choose a powder concealer and foundation in one. The kicker here is that you need two brushes to apply them in different ways: The smaller brush will be for concealer, and the big bushy brush will be for foundation. Empty your powder into the lid and dab blemishes with a layer of make up just thick enough to cover up the red. Once you’re done with blemishes, take the bigger brush and powder your entire face evenly with the same color foundation powder. In less than 2 minutes, your concealer and foundation should be done!

When the fact is hair rolling then don’t even consider it as a waste of time, get to use a set of overnight hair rollers what paves the way of fresh and curly hair. It saves morning time and let you be prepared for other pieces of stuffs.

Cheeks and Eyes

Apply blush quickly by swiping up on the cheek bones toward your temples, and then move on to your eyes. Light liner on both lids, a touch of eye shadow, and mascara should take a total of 1 minute, but will be the biggest change you see in your routine. If you care to make your routine less than 5 minutes, skip the liner and eye shadow and opt for mascara.

And just like that, in under 5 minutes, you’ve got a solid makeup routine that will leave you feeling confident and beautiful throughout your day, even if you were twenty minutes late running out the door.

What is your makeup routine?