Holiday Traditions To Make Your Own

make holiday traditions

The holidays are officially upon us. It is not unlikely that your children have already begun to demand yuletide entertainment. When cookies and caroling have lost their allure, how do you plan on creating a holiday season to remember? Simply take these classic holiday traditions and make them your own!

A Twist On A Classic

The holidays are all about getting together with friends and family, creating warm memories and appreciating one another. With these important factors in mind, you can easily take an established tradition and make it fun for everyone! Say, for instance, that your children are bored of making cookies. (After all, you do it for every holiday). Mix it up by inviting family and friends over for a cookie baking party! Ask everyone to bring sugar cookie mix, toppings and cookie cutters. Everyone’s children will have a blast picking out new cookie shapes, mixing and matching toppings and taste testing throughout the evening. Everyone can leave that evening with a plate full of cookies for santa and hearts bursting with holiday cheer.

Enjoying Literature and A Show!

Now that you’ve hosted a party, it is time to get out of the house. Ignore the mess for a few hours and go see a show! Local theaters across the country are putting on their own rendition of holiday classics like A Christmas Carol, The Gift of The Magi and The Nutcracker. Read the original stories ahead of time before bed, then get dressed up and go to the theatre! Studies show that children who watch theatre are more likely to do well at school as well as build better relationships with their peers. Holiday theatre is a gift that just keeps on giving!

The Songs of The Season

A lot of children are particularly computer savvy. Some of them even have their own iTunes playlist on your computer! Take advantage of their technological skills and put them to work. Ask your children to take time to make their own Christmas playlist. Once everyone in your family has made their own, play the songs or CDs on loop in your house. You will avoid all the tunes you can’t stand and enjoy the musical tastes of each member of your family. You’ll be surprised by how much you can learn about your child’s personality simply by what songs they choose.

A Tree All Your Own

Finally, make your own ornaments. The way stores work today, you could buy a fully decorated tree, throw it in your living room and forget about it. The holidays are all about appreciating one another. Let your tree stand as an example of your family’s love and creativity. Hand out glitter glue, crayons, cardboard and hooks and watch your children go! Before you know it, you’ll have a unique and beautiful tree. Each year get together to make new ornaments and watch as the stories of your family unfold.


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What are some of your favorite holiday traditions?