The Solution When You’re Out Of Baby Wipes

It happens at the worst of times… as you hold your baby still on the changing table with one hand, you reach into your diaper bag for a baby wipe with the other and come up with an empty container. What do you do? If this is a predicament you find yourself in fairly often, there are a couple of solutions for you that you’ll want to know about. And, hey, you may like these solutions so much that they replace your baby wipe routine all together!

Wash Cloth and Baby Soap

If you’re out of wipes but not really in the business of re-usable wipes, your best bet is to let one of your soft baby wash cloth’s go in favor of getting your little one all cleaned up. Simply take a soft baby cloth that you would use in the bath tub, wet it with warm water, and put a dabble of baby soap on the cloth. Lather it just a bit, and then wipe your baby clean. You’ll not want to re-use these, obviously, so be sure to place it in a zip lock baggy or toss it in the garbage. If you find that you particularly like this method more than you do regular baby wipes, spring for some re-usable cloth wipes. For those, after you use, just wash and reuse several times before tossing. This is better for the environment, better on your baby’s skin, and much cheaper for you in the long haul.

Warm Water and Soap

Particularly if you’re really without any other option, this method can be a life saver. The benefit? Some mom’s and babies actually prefer this method anyway, as it’s easier on the skin than regular baby wipes. Baby’s with eczema particularly see better results with this method. Simply remove the baby’s diaper, and with it, grab any residual waste that you can see. If the diaper itself cannot remove all visible waste, take a paper towel and very gently wipe the baby clean in only the necessary places. Once the baby’s skin looks clean, run warm water over it, preferably in a bath tub. Take some baby soap, if you have it on hand, and wash the baby clean with your hands. Never utilize this method in a kitchen, as food contamination could be a possibility. Of course, when all is said and done and the diaper is back on baby, wash your hands thoroughly.

The next time you’re in a pinch without baby wipes, you might be pleasantly surprised to have to utilize one of these methods once you realize how easy it is, how cheap it’ll be for you, and how much better it is for your baby’s skin!

Do you run out of baby wipes often?