Luisana Lopilato Is A Pregnant Lingerie Model

Luisana Lopilato michael buble pregnant

You know what we didn’t do nearly enough of when we were pregnant? Lingerie modeling. Yes, we would just be about ready to go hit the catwalk, and then we’d remember that we other things to do, like endure another bout of morning sickness. Anyway, enough about us. We’re really looking to salute  the lovely Luisana Lopilato–or, more specifically, lingerie maven Michelle Mone, who posted this TwitPic of the Luisana getting ready to model something new from the Ultimo line. Luisana is no stranger to TwitPics herself. She used her Twitter account back in January to announce that she was pregnant with crooning hubby Michael Bublé. Here’s that birth announcement:

mini buble luisana michael buble

Anyway, we’re not going to make any catty comments here about a pregnant celebrity. We think it’s kind of nice that Michelle Mone is proud of her model showing off a baby bump. We’re sure that everyone here at ModernDayMom had that same exact glow when we were all pregnant. People told us how beautiful we looked all the time. Luisana is still probably getting paid more than we ever earned for glowing. And it’s nice that the 25-year-old Argentine model is able to stay busy while Bublé goes off running around the globe to promote his new album. We stayed busy during our pregnancy, too, but you wouldn’t want to see a TwitPic of us cursing a crib that didn’t assemble nearly as easily as the salesman assured us it would. Anyway, we’re certainly going to remember the Ultimo line as some mom-friendly lingerie that doesn’t send models off to a basement until they’re all clearly no longer pregnant. We still don’t expect to look like Luisana, though…

Luisana Lopilato michael buble pregnant b