Tricks To Make Sure Your Child Is Warm During This FREEZING Weather

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With snow up to six feet in some parts of the country, it’s about time to make sure your child’s wardrobe is warm enough to take on the elements. If it were up to your child, they’d go outside in their Elsa dress and boots. You know better. To keep your child toasty warm this winter, the key is layering clothes. With these tricks your child will be as cozy as they are stylish.


Your child might feel passionate about wearing a dress out, but dresses are not always the warmest. Keep their legs snug with some fun leggings. A lot of children’s stockings come in wool, fleece and knit varieties. Pick out a few favorites and then some basics. Then when your child decides to wear a dress, have two basic knitted, fleece or wool leggings available before finishing the look with a stylish pair. Then you can confidently allow your child to wear a dress knowing at least the legs will be safe from the bitter cold outside. You might have to invest in some slightly larger shoes to accommodate all the legging bulk but it will be worth it for their comfort AND you won’t have to buy some new ones next year!

The Right Fabrics

Cotton is the perfect summer fabric. It takes the moisture against skin and keeps you cool. So obviously, this is the worst fabric to use against your child’s skin in the winter. While layering your child’s outfit, pick fabrics like wool, Stay Dri or Climacool. These fabrics are able to keep moisture away from the skin, keeping the wearer warmer. Wool is best of all because, even if it does get wet, it keeps on working to insulate. As you start to add winter fabrics to your child’s wardrobe, look for “wick-away” textiles. Most of these are designed to be stretchy enough to cling to the body without any bulk. Your child will be able to move with ease, no matter how many layers you put on them.

The Second Layer

When you go to dress your child in their second layer, think about keeping their natural body heat inside. Insulate them with synthetic fabrics or fleece. A lot of down jackets work to accomplish the same thing as fleece. In order to allow your child the ability to fit into their jacket and still move around comfortably choose a thin or medium fleece.

The Outer Layer

Finally, they’re going to need a coat. Not just a coat, a shield from the elements. Look for down coats that keep your child just as warm as fleece. Check to make sure it is made out of water resident fabric on the side so any moisture will just slide off of them. Now add a warm hat gloves. Your child will be as warm and comfy as humanly possible, no matter what their day throws at them.

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Do you have any secrets for layering clothes?