This Just In: Kim Kardashian Says Pregnancy “Not Easy” [VIDEO]

“A lot of moms can relate to you,” says a fawning Entertainment Tonight reporter to Kim Kardashian. We’re not in a hurry to agree. For example, we didn’t spend New Year’s Eve being paid a lot of money to promote a party somewhere. We’re going to guess Las Vegas. Anyway, Kim Kardashian wants us to know that she’s feeling really good while getting ready to have a baby with boyfriend Kanye West. Also, she doesn’t have mornign sickness yet, and she “has to disagree” with poeplle who say that pregnancy is fun. And being pregnant is “a little painful.” Yes, we’re really looking forward to a 2013 full of news coverage of this brave soul enduring a pregnancy that will surely be the most unique pregnancy in all of Pregnancydom. We’re sure her insights will only get deeper, too. We’ll try not to be too snarky, but we’re already beginning to wish that Kim hadn’t let Kanye West finish. Get it?  [pic via celebuzz]