Kim Kardashian Has Pregnancy Cravings! Really! [VIDEO]


Guess who’s having pregnancy cravings? OMG, it’s Kim Kardashian, and that must be news because no other woman in the history of the world has ever had strange food cravings while pregnant! Truly this is the most unique creature to ever breathe the air of our planet. Okay, now that we’ve got that out of our system, here’s the actual news report for those of us (like certain MDM staffers) who really can’t resist going through the video feeds for news on Kim’s pregnancy. It’s pretty fun, although the male (of course) narrator doesn’t seem to know much about pregnant women. At one point, he lists Kim’s current kravings and snarkily intones, “Not all at once, we hope.” Hasn’t the guy ever heard of the classic pickles-and-ice-cream combo? Yes, all at once! That is the idea, Clueless Media Man!

We will, however, give Kim credit for recently going on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and declared that her new kid won’t be showing up on any of her reality shows–including Keeping Up With the Kardashians. She says that she’ll wait until her child can make its own decision to be on television. Maybe that has more to do with baby daddy Kanye West not wanting to get stuck on the show. That would be a pretty smart move on Kanye’s part. It sounds a lot better to say that they’re keeping the baby “as private as possible” instead of announcing that Kanye’s marketing people have decided that fatherhood might dilute his brand. It could make a lot of sense for Kanye going as private as possible.

Kim also wore a short black lace mini dress for her Kimmel appearance. That’s nice. Don’t let people tell you how to dress, girlfriend! But we still haven’t forgotten that Kourtney has her kids on  Keeping Up With the Kardashians all the time. We’re thinking that it’s possible that Kim might just be looking for some goodwill from people like us, and that baby will somehow manage a crawl-on cameo at some point. Is it possible that the Kardashians might allow their personal life to be driven by ratings? We do not know….