Kim Kardashian Is A Pregnant Ostrich [VIDEO]

kim kardashian baby bump feathers

Hey, we just realized it’s been nearly a week since we posted something about Kim Kardashian and her pregnancy–which, as the tabloids assure us, is The Most Important Pregnancy In The History of the World. (Well, they’d probably concede we’re strictly talking the A.D. years here.) We hate to be catty and make snide comments about the sisterhood, of course, but–well, Kim’s latest outfit really does deserve some serious mockery. We’ll confess to having been the type to try and cover our baby bumps for a while. At least until we had that paranoid mom moment when we suddenly decided that wearing fashionable clothing was going to somehow stunt our kid’s development. After that, it was strictly sweat pants and a favorite muumuu or two.

So maybe we should really admire Kim for her new daring outfit where she accentuates her baby bump by adorning it in feathers. Seriously. We’re not sure if this means Kanye West has some kind of weird fetish, or if Kim just really has to do her best sometimes to stay in the spotlight. “Tired of me being pregnant?” she asks the photographers. “Well, how about Big Bird being pregnant? How about that?” And the photographers dutifully snap away, because it’s Kim Kardashian’s baby bump in feathers, and somebody might be Googling for that some day. And why does that sound so dirty?

Anyway, here’s Kim Kardashian (without Kanye West) modeling a weird outfit, and some guy going on like it’s a big deal, and…well, yeah, it is kind of interesting…