Healthy Lunch Options Your Kids Will Love

For some reason, packing lunches is one of the most stressful parts about sending my kids back to school. It seems like when I pack a decent-sized lunch they do not eat anything. But, if I pack a smaller lunch the kids come home complaining that they are hungry.

There are a ton of articles suggesting parents cut fruits and veggies into fun shapes and create masterpieces from bologna, string cheese and tomato slices. No. I do not know about anyone else, but I just do not have the time for that.

I do want my kids to enjoy their lunch though, so here are a few ideas I have used to create healthier options that are tasty, fun and easy (or at least easier than recreating Picasso with yogurt and a granola bar).

Kids Healthy Lunch Options

Wraps: My kids are tortilla junkies. You can spruce up a whole-wheat tortilla with avocado, crumbled bacon, tomato and romaine lettuce. Feel free to swap out turkey or chicken for the bacon. Tortillas a fun because they offer something different from the traditional peanut butter and jelly on bread spread.

Simple Sushi:  I saw this recipe on the Disney Channel (shhh!) It is easy and cute! Cut a cucumber (tall ways) into thin strips (as thin as you can get), and slice a few pieces of lunch meat into long slices as well. Place the strips of turkey on top of the cucumber strips, top with hummus and shredded carrots and roll. Presto. Cute, yummy and easy. Pair with your little one’s favorite fruit.

Mini Corn Dogs:  I am cheap, so we buy the $1 hot-dogs, but you could use organic or all-beef hot dogs for a healthier option. Cut a full-length hot dog into thirds, wrap each slice inside a crescent roll, and bake according to instructions. Include thinly sliced veggies to finish.

Soup: Leftovers are an excellent option! Make a heart, healthy soup for dinner the night before and scoop out a little for your little one’s lunch the next day. Two birds with one stone! Add crackers fruit to top off.

Cookie-cutter sandwiches with fruit: If you are not in the mood for something craftier, spruce up the traditional sandwich by using a cookie cutter after the sandwich is made. Cute shapes make it more fun to eat. Pair with these fruit sticks for a healthy, sweet treat.

Go to snacks: I also keep string cheese, go-gurts (or small yogurts), carrots and grapes on hand to toss in as a healthy snack option. For fun days, toss in a Jell-O cup.

What are some fun kids healthy lunch options you use for your little ones?

Image: iStockPhoto